Pablo Neruda                  

Tell me, is the rose naked
or is that her only dress?

Why do trees conceal
the splendor of their roots?

Who hears the regrets
of the thieving automobile?

Is there anything in the world sadder
than a train standing in the rain?

به من بگوييد، آيا گل سرخ برهنه است يا لباسي به تن دارد؟
درختان چرا شكوه شاخه هايشان را كتمان مي كنند ؟ 
آيا كسي شكوه هاي يك ماشين به سرقت رفته را شنيده است ؟ 
آيا  چيزي در اين  جهان غمگين تر از  توقف يك قطار در باران هست؟

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Hello Saeid!! What a wonderful site! I am very pleased with your work! can you update some of the poems, becouse a feel like a have read them a couple of times before. congratulations on a beautiful site!